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After days of fighting on Mars and in hell, you successfully defeated the demon forces and stopped the invasion. Though your efforts are marred by being the last survivor of the bloody massacre, you are nevertheless hailed as a hero. Surely that entitles you to some well deserved R&R, right? Not if those demonic bastards have anything to say about it. Landing on Earth following your discharge, you open your pod to a world of fire and blood as the demons have invaded your homeworld. With everyone being killed or mutated to extinction, it’s up to you to do what you do best: kick some demon ass, stop this invasion and save the world. Armed with your ever trusty shotgun, chainsaw and BFG 9000, you must once again do battle with Hell’s spawn and find a way to save Earth. But that’s not all. Once you’ve cleaned up this mess, there are three other bloodied campaigns waiting for you in the Master Levels for Doom II and Final Doom. With no-where left to hide and a legion of demons, mutants and the undead wanting your head, there’s only one thing left to do - don your armor, grab the nearest shotgun and blast your fragging way out of here! 

The highly anticipated sequel to DOOM, this release brings not only DOOM II, but the expansions, “Master Levels of DOOM” and “Final DOOM”. With more vast and polished levels, more enemies and more weapons, DOOM II expands the DOOM universe and provides an even more thrilling experience for fans of the series. The game and expansions were ported to multiple systems over the years and, like its predecessor, it continues to have a thriving modding and multiplayer community to this day. Undoubtedly a fine edition to the franchise, these campaigns will have you blasting the demons out of Earth and Hell for hours on end.

  • 5 difficulties
  • 9 weapons, including the newly added Combat Shotgun
  • New enemies including Former Commandos, Mancubus, Hell Knights and much more
  • Hours of replayability with over 80 levels included