D&D Stronghold: Kingdom Simulator

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In this remarkable kingdom simulator, your goal is to become Emperor by building and expanding your stronghold in competition against opposing computer-controlled kingdoms. Choose three courses of action to achieve Emperor status: Lawful (Maximizing the prosperity and morale of your poulace; Chaotic (total military victory over all your enemies); or Neutral (striving to achieve both objectives, the toughest challenge of all). 

All the details of running a kingdom must be dealt with: Construction, farmland, population, housing, troops, morale and changing seasons - and, of course, a multitude of D&D game monsters. Micro-manage all these factors personally if you want absolute control, or let the computer do much of it for you. Choose from pre-created worlds or computer-generated random scenarios for a new challenge every time. With the intuitive mouse-driven command interface, running your own kingdom has never been more fun, fast or easy!

  • Build your own Dungeons & Dragons game kingdom with over 100 structures including castles, forges, mines, marketplaces, towers, temples, cottages, schools of magic and granaries
  • Micro-manage every detail of running a kingdom or let the computer handle most of the chores
  • Computer-generated random scenarios offer unlimited hours of fun and excitement