The Adventures of Willy Beamish

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Just how much trouble do you think you could get yourself into if you could be nine years old again knowing... what you know now? 

Your tag-along little sister... Just how hard would you have to push to get her swing to do a loop? 

Ancient Ms. Glass' English class... Hey kiddies, can you spell "cardiac arrest?" 

Good 'ol mom and dad... Dump 'em fast, dump 'em now, look cute and blame everything on your sister. 

Welcome to the terminally cute, seriously warped world of Willy Beamish. You'll face neurotic yuppie parents, teachers pushed over the edge, a ghostly grandfather back from the grave, the baby-sitter from hell, a pet jumping frog on steroids and a plot to blow the city's sewer system sky high. It's chaotic, it's juvenile, it's definitely deranged and you're gonna love every minute of it.

  • A seriously mental cast of characters
  • An easy-to-use point and click interface
  • Traditional cell animation
  • Hand painted backgrounds
  • Truly wicked puzzles
  • An outrageous original soundtrack