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Tyrant Ceville might have been overthrown by the citizens of Faeryanis but he’s still a selfish, sadistic, short, sleazy bastard and no one can take that away from him. Where other adventure game heroes go out of their way to become the people’s champion and save the realm, he will do whatever it takes to make people miserable and put his boot back on their collective neck. They messed with the wrong despot and now they’re gonna pay. But before Ceville gets his revenge, he has to deal with the usurper, Basillius (who seems to be doing a better job at being evil than our anti-hero did). Vengence won’t come easy, though, since the only “army” Ceville can muster against him consists of a feeble girl and a pompous paladin. 

Ceville is an witty and colorful 3d adventure game that sports a classic, intuitive point-and-click interface that will make the fans of the genre feel right at home. While the interface feels familiar, this title brings new life to adventure gaming with unique puzzles where you must control all three characters simultaneously to advance your half-pint "hero" on his quest to be the baddest despot in the land. Guide your characters through many puzzle-packed locations and prepare for tons of wicked, twisted humor along the way. Find out why people call this game a big step towards a revival of adventure games!

  • Point-and-click interface that brings back the best adventure gaming memories!
  • Embark on an epic quest of bad versus evil, in which all rules of decorum are mercilessly broken!
  • Take control of a pack of three oddball, (un)likable characters always ready to offer a witty line!