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Naija is a lonely sea creature who has called a small stretch of water her home for as long as she can remember.But a strange encounter awakens her from her life, which has seemed like a dream. Suddenly, emotions she has never felt before are released, and she cannot bear to stay. She realizes that there is a world out there she has never known, and she longs to discover new waters. 

By singing songs, Naija can weave her unique gift - the Verse - to change the world around her. With each song she learns comes new abilities that will help her reach new areas, combat ferocious sea creatures, and ultimately discover the truth about herself. Along the way, she'll make time to cook food, ride seahorses, and perhaps even fall in love!

  • A classic indie action-adventure game: winner of the 2007 IGF Seamus McNally Grand Prize.
  • Explore a large, hand-painted underwater fantasy world filled with strange and wonderful creatures, using 8 magical forms with unique abilities.
  • Listen to 50 original music tracks and full voice acting as you guide Naija through her journey.