Terms of Service

It's never fun to write or read the legal stuff, but we do have a TOS that we stand by.  This will be constantly updated as needed and is binding for each customer.

By purchasing on this website you are agreeing the the following terms:

1.  You are paying for the SERVICE of using a pre-bought or post-purchase bought keys/codes and for the transfer service of direct mail usb sticks and not for the GAME itself.  Gametrade does not directly sell games nor offers direct downloads or other such access.  We are in the business of connecting consumers to products.

2.  Any issues loading and running the game(s) itself should be brought up with the developer or found via an internet search.  Gametrade is not liable for incompatible software.  The games themselves are tested to be working prior to sale.

3.  Keys/codes are used during the transfer process to usb so the codes themselves are not included in the sale only the game.

4.  Due to the transferrative nature of the product there will be no returns or refunds.  It's just too easy to copy something over and then ask for a return or refund.  Know what you are purchasing ahead of time or ask questions and we will be more than happy to help.

5.  Gametrade doesn't offer formal technical support for the products however we are more than happy to try and help should a customer contact us. 

6.  If multiple items are ordered they will be put into as few usb sticks as possible.  Not every item will come with it's own USB drive.  This is our effort to keep costs low and pass the savings on to our customers.